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IKEA Will Pay You To Bring Back Your Old Furniture

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If you are looking to replace your furniture and update your home, say no more!

IKEA is doing the unthinkable and is going to pay you to bring back your old IKEA furniture!

IKEA has a new buyback and resell policy to help on furniture sustainability!

Now, before you think this is some April Fools joke, it’s not. Straight from the IKEA website:

Do you have IKEA furniture that’s an oldie, but it’s still a goodie and looking to retire it? We’ll buy it back and you help pave the way toward sustainable living. By finding your furniture a new home, we are making the things we love last longer.

Here’s how the IKEA Buy Back & Resell Program Works

Start by filling out the form on the IKEA website to get emailed a quote of your buy back value.

You will then bring a copy of your quote, buyback number and your fully assembled furniture to your participating IKEA store where a co-worker will assess your furniture’s buy back value in person.

When you buy back, you will get store credit and your furniture gets a second life in the As-Is department.


Where it’s available:

The Buy Back & Resell service is currently available at participating IKEA locations as an exclusive benefit to IKEA Family members.

This service is currently available for IKEA Family at participating stores:

  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Bolingbrook
  • Burbank
  • Canton
  • Carson
  • Centennial
  • Charlotte
  • College Park
  • Conshohocken
  • Costa Mesa
  • Covina
  • Draper
  • East Palo Alto
  • Elizabeth
  • Emeryville
  • Fishers
  • Frisco
  • Grand Prairie
  • Live Oak
  • Long Island
  • Memphis
  • Merriam
  • Norfolk
  • Oak Creek
  • Paramus
  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Portland
  • Round Rock
  • San Diego
  • Schaumburg
  • Stoughton
  • Tempe
  • West Sacramento
  • Woodbridge

Keep in mind, this is just for IKEA furniture you want to get rid of or update but it’s still a generous option and gives you a way to update your furniture in your home!

You can learn more about the IKEA buyback program here.

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