McDonald’s Just Added Freshly Squeezed Lemonade to Menus and People Are Lovin’ It

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Nothing’s better than a tall glass of lemonade that tastes fresh, especially during the hottest part of the summer.

To prepare for the dog days of the summer season, McDonald’s is adding yes, their own line of lemonade and doing all the squeezing for you.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

And if you’re thinking that the golden arches have always had lemonade, yes and no; McDonald’s has only ever sold Minute Maid Lemonade and not their own, until now that is.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

Welcoming the first and only lemonade to join McDonald’s menus, Mickey D’s finally adds a cool lemonade to menus and making it their own.

Courtesy of @snackbetch

The inspiration behind McDonald’s new lemonade is the taste of summer according to their website.

Courtesy of @linzit76

And whether that’s a reminder of a fun vacation, sunsets after 7 p.m. or the feeling of a warm breeze on a windy day, who can complain of being reminded of summer before summer even begins!

The classic Lemonade jam packs a sour punch with real lemon juice, bits of lemon pulp, and real cane sugar served ice cold.

Courtesy of @snackbetch

This year’s summer heat has nothing on us.

Courtesy of McDonald’s

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