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This Woman Shares Why You Should Never Smash A Cake In Someone’s Face

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I know it’s some strange tradition, but thankfully it has never happened to me…

I’m talking about people shoving someones face in a cake.

Maybe that will make people think I am not fun, or whatever… I don’t care.

I’m totally fun, I just don’t like things like this, or people touching me haha!

Well, it looks like there is a good reason to NOT smash someones face in a cake, because you could totally take their eye out!

Yep, if it is a tiered cake, sometimes bakers will use wooden or metal sticks/rods to help the cake stay in place.


Some use plastic dowels but overall, the force of smashing someone’s face into the cake can cause injury no matter what the support sticks are made of.


Kind of like building a structure, these wooden sticks are for support.

The wooden sticks are pushed down through the cake, and if you don’t know they’re there you may catch yourself cutting into them.

If you shove someone’s face into it, well, you may just stab them in the face, take an eye out, or even worse.


I imagine someone could actually die, may be a freak accident, but it could totally happen.

By Gimã – Facebook
By Gimã – Facebook

While doing some research before I wrote this, I actually came across videos of nearly the same thing happening to others! Yikes!

Like what do you say after you’ve maimed someone with cake?

Thankfully this woman got lucky, in fact, those pain killers must have been working well! It looks like she has a slight smile on her face.

Be careful out there!

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