Some Self Checkout Machines Are Now Asking For Tips and People Are Livid

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Let me get this straight…

First, you want me to scan my own items and bag them but now, now you want me to tip YOU for me doing all the work? Make it make sense.

While this sounds like a bad joke, it actually isn’t…

People are reporting that some self checkout machines are now asking for tips and I just – I am at a loss on what to say.

A recent report conducted by The Wall Street Journal, claims that many companies including airports, bakeries, coffee shops and sports stadiums, have introduced a self-serve tipping option.

Basically, asking customers to leave tips despite facing minimal to no interaction with any employee – at all.

What the what?

Many people are outraged at this. After all, where is the tip going?

For the few people who would be okay with a small tip, they’d first want to know where the tip is going.

If it were in fine print stating the tips go 100% to employees, people would feel more inclined to tip but the unknown of where the money is going, is making people leery to do so.

I mean it makes sense.

Personally, if I knew the tips were going to the employees, I’d be more incline to tip. However, if I think that it’s just going to a money hungry corporation or the CEO’s already hefty pockets – no thank you!!

I mean seriously – if you take away that job, at least give me a small discount for checking myself out ha!

Overall, it’s at least something worth paying attention to especially if you just happen to quickly swipe your card and leave. Always double check your transactions and your receipts too!

So, what do you think? Has tipping culture gotten out of hand? Or do you not mind tipping a few extra bucks?

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