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These Solar Powered Lily Flowers Are The Prettiest Way To Light Up Your Yard

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This is such a great way to pretty up the yard a bit more! These are large solar lights that are made to look like a Lily! You could line the whole walkway with solar flowers!


You can get a 2 pack of the artificial flowers that are made as a garden stake. They sick right into the ground! No wiring or external electricity required for use! Just stick them in and let the sun charge them up for a beautiful night!

I love solar powered lights especially those that can make my backyard fee more lively after sunset! These LED flowers did not disappoint me. The package came with two sets of four flowers each. There are also four “leaf” that have wires inside so they can be positioned however I like. Only the flowers have LED to be lit up and each of them has a unique and constant color. The lights are light sensitive. There is an on off switch on the solar/battery attachment. I like how the solar panel can be pivot to an angle so I can place them towards the sun. The battery had been great so far that they last through the night and I found them to be still lighted up early in the morning when I woke up.

They definitely added another layer of fun in my backyard full of solar powered lights!

Tony – Amazon Reviewer

The flower petal part of the lights are made from fabric that is lightweight and durable. They are also waterproof which is important for outdoor lighting.


Like I said above, these would be perfect to light the path to your home. They would also be great to place around trees, in your flower beds, the garden, around the patio, and even near the swimming pool!


They also look great in the daylight which is important. I think the fact that the petals are fabric makes them look so much more realistic. They are about 26 inches tall.


You can purchase your own Solar Lily Lights on Amazon for only $24.99! Where would you put them at your home?


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