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Starbucks Released A New Iridescent Cup That Gives Off Art Deco Vibes

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I swear there is always a frenzy at Starbucks over the newest cup.

Carol Janelle

While I don’t give into that craze often, I have to say, this one might just make me want to hit up my local Starbucks.


Starbucks released a new iridescent rainbow cup and people are going crazy over it!

Some people are calling this gorgeous cup a core cup and others are saying it is a cup with Art Deco/Great Gatsby vibes.


I don’t care what it’s called, it’s GORGEOUS.

Although this cup looks like it’s glass, it’s actually plastic.


According to people finding these cups, they do come in a Venti and grande size. Some are even spotting the same cup in a coffee mug. Ahhhh.


The price of a Venti Cup like this is $19.95 US and $28.95 CAD.

Marsha Greenberg

I cannot wait to find one!

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