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These People Turned Their Broken Flower Pots Into Tiny Little Fairy Gardens and I Love It

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This is the cutest little trend EVER! People are upcycling their broken flower pots, and turning them into tiny fairy gardens, and I love it!


It’s a whole “thing,” and people are even taking classes in turning their broken pots into pretty treasures.

Courtesy of sahar.hand.crafts on Instagram

I have several broken flower pots in my backyard, and now I’m wondering why the heck I didn’t think of this!


This Fairy idea may have started in Ireland — enchanted land to all things leprechaun and fairy. But, one thing is for certain — the trend is EVERYWHERE now!


I mean, can you blame people for jumping on this trend?!? Seriously, you get your own fairy land, right in your yard.


You HAVE to include the cutest little succulents you can find!

Besides the broken pot, there seems to be one rule to this fractured fun. You MUST include little succulents — because fairies love these little plants, too! And really, they are the most MAGICAL of all the plants.


Beyond these two hard-and-fast rules, let the fairy muse guide you. The more enchanting and fun you make it, the better!


Some people — who are WAY more creative than myself — even use lights in their terra cotta fairy pot homes.


You can totally buy fairy accessories to place in their new enchanted home, or you can just use things you find around your yard and in your house. It’s up to you!


If you decide to jump on this trend with both feet, I’m going to need to see the pictures! I could lose HOURS scrolling through fairy gardens. Make sure you Instagram your creation.


Remember, there is no right or wrong when it comes to teeny little fairy homes. You can make it simple, or you can go crazy, and make it eccentric and wild.


If you love tiny fairytale homes, you have GOT to check out these fun Book Nooks! They are little pieces of stories, captured in a diorama, that gets hidden in plain sight, right on your bookshelf!


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