Aldi Is Selling A $10 Box of Sangria And I’ll Drink To That

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Anyone else a HUGE fan of sangria? I love it soooooooo much! Not so much a fan of making it, I would rather get it pre-made. Which is what makes this SO amazing!


I, for one, have never been a huge fan of boxed wine. I like to get my wine in glass bottles to feel a little more fancy (even though I still buy the cheapest wine). But it’s economical, practical, and for a sangria version, I am totally game.


This enormous box of sangria is only $9.99. Um, what? Like seriously, how?

I don’t shop at Aldi, and I don’t drink boxed wine, but both of those things are about to change!


The store has been spotted selling Casa Sangrioso Sangria Box Wine that is about to become your best friend. The listing describes the booze as having “fruit aromas that lead to refreshingly sweet orange, lemon and black currant flavors.”

Each box has three liters of wine, which sounds impossible considering the price. But I will stop questioning it because I don’t want them to take it from me!

The brand also suggests you can drink this right out of the box or create your own cocktail by adding a variety of fruits and a touch of brandy. I plan to just drink straight from the box but maybe one day I’ll feel fancy and pull out a glass and some fruit.


“Haven’t even cracked open my huge bottle of sangria but I’m pretty sure I need this,” one person said. “Went thru it in 1 weekend. So so good,” another commented.


So get your sweatpants on and go get you some boxed sangria! Because if you don’t, I will!

And you if you don’t have an Aldi near you, or are more of a “I’ll make it myself” type of person, be sure to check out our Starbucks Copycat Sangria Recipe!


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