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Bud Light Just Released A Tie Dye Seltzer Retro Summer Pack With Unique Flavors And Bright Colors

Who ever said beer was boring, is wrong.

The classic Bud Light can is releasing a new and improved type of beer designed with a splash of color that is ready to packed like sardines in a big cooler for summer beach trips

Courtesy of @candyhunting

Introducing Bud Light’s brightest seltzer on store shelves, the retro summer tie dye pack!

Courtesy of @rednecksnackandfood

The colorful new pack has a design that looks like it should be the center of a t-shirt sold at a carnival considering this 12 pack has every color of the rainbow painted on each individual can.

Courtesy of @rednecksnackandfood

Alongside the colorful design are three unique flavors including cherry limeade, blue raspberry, and summer ice that come with four cans each squeezed into one box.

Courtesy of @rochester_chateaudevin

If you’re curious about where you can find Bud Light’s new seltzer, a handful of people have spotted the pack online and at several retail stores including Bevmo, a wine and liquor store!

Courtesy of BevMo