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‘Buttered Saltines’ Are The Hot Snack Trend and I’m Not Even Mad

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I was today year’s old when I heard of Buttered Saltines as a snack but apparently, it’s not a new thing.

I am a 90’s baby and I surely don’t remember this ever being a thing but I am not here to judge. In fact, I am not even mad about it.


Sure, I am sure if you have too many those calories may just add a little more cushion to your booty but I mean, what could be better than a buttery, cracker, booty? Nothing I say!


So, what is this magical little snack you ask?

Well, you literally take a Saltine Cracker (ya those ones you eat every time you have a stomach bug) and smear a thin layer of butter on top.

Yup, it is that simple.

Some people even bake the crackers before then put the butter on top so the cracker is warm and the butter gets a little melty.


While the snack trend has made comeback, I feel like this was invented during another pandemic when someone ran out of their pandemic snacks.

And I don’t really care who invented it because it sounds delicious.

I am about to bust out the tub of butter and some saltines and have the time of my life!!


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  1. I can’t even tell if this is secretly brilliant satire of trend pieces or if this is the absolute nadir of trend pieces.

  2. Tub of butter?
    You need real butter, the solid hard kind and a European Butter Keeper of Butter Bell to store it in.. it’s always soft and fresh….. perfect to put on crackers like we were doing in the 1950’s!

  3. Grew up doing this! Have with Chili every time! My mom puts Peanut Butter on hers with her Chili..surprisingly it’s good too!

  4. Put some peanut butter on another cracker and put them together amd eat them. Yummy!!

  5. This is pretty common in Puerto Rico, especially as breakfast. Pair with some café con leche or hot chocolate for an even more amazing experience.

    1. @DR, verdad? I was thinking the same… boricuas been doing this all their lives ??‍♀️

    2. @Locaria, yup! 100% a Puerto Rican staple for ages!