This Color Changing Siren Tumbler From Starbucks Is Officially My New Favorite Cup

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The Starbucks Christmas Launch came out today and did not disappoint! There were SO many amazing cups this year!


But one cup really stood out to me this year because of it’s uniqueness! There’s a color-changing siren tumbler!

I saw these cups before and thought they were super cute, but I TOTALLY missed the little sticker on the straw that says color changing!!! That makes them 24783459732 more desirable!

The cup itself is blue with a iridescent foil colored siren, holding a cup of coffee that is sprouting out what looks to be a coffee plant!

What is your favorite cup so far this season? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. This story seems incomplete…the writer gushes on about missing the color change sticker on the straw, making this cup exponentially better…then…nothing. I got the cup for Christmas and see no changes hot or cold. Came here looking for answers and here it is…incomplete story and the does NOT change anything. Still a nice looking cup.

  2. The cup is REALLY cool because of the Siren (and I’ma mermaid freak), but DON’T rush out to get it because of the color change. The color change when you put ice in it so subtle, it’s barely noticeable!! 🙄

    1. @Dixie L Bernett, yep, I noticed no change. It’s still pretty though

  3. I just got this cup and it doesn’t change color at all! I tried ice cold and scalding hot. Neither changed it.

    1. @Karen, I just bought this cup and put cold water in it. It didn’t change at all.

    2. @Karen the cup becomes darker but it’s a very subtle “color change@

    3. @Karen, a TINY bit of darker blue! 🙄

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