Disney Is Selling A Color-Changing Poisoned Apple Mug From The Movie ‘Snow White’

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This color changing mug by Disney is inspired by the classic film Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

If you recall in the movie, the Evil Queens sees the face of a skull in her brew before she dips the apple, making it poisonous.

Courtesy of ShopDisney

Originally the skull is painted black, that is until you add any hot liquid which will make the skull turn from black to bright green, completely changing the entire mug.

Courtesy of ShopDisney

Of course, you can get this mug on ShopDisney online.

Similar to the Hocus Pocus mug, you’ll want to get your hands on this item quickly before it sells out and besides, who doesn’t want a color changing mug especially one inspired by Disney.

Courtesy of ShopDisney

Nonetheless, the design of this mug is very detailed. The shape of the mug resembles the apple given to Snow White, hence the red color behind the skull’s face.

Meanwhile, the skull’s facial features are dripping down the mug making it look like the apple was just dipped into the Evil Queen’s brew.

Courtesy of ShopDisney

Spooky huh? I know, I just got a shiver too.

You can purchase the 20 ounce mug online for 20 dollars!

Courtesy of ShopDisney

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