Dunkin’ Is Releasing A Ton Of New Items To Their Menu Including A Confetti Donut

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If you’re currently standing you may need to sit down and if you’re sitting down hold on to something because Dunkin’ is releasing a ton of new snacks and beverages this winter!

Starting off with the basics, Dunkin’ is releasing a handful of new and delicious drinks and introducing newbie mouthwatering snacks to the menu.

December 30th will be the first day some of Dunkin’s newest creations will be released including Dunkin’s new Extra Charged Coffee that packs in 20% more caffeine than their regular hot or iced coffee selections.

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Featuring green coffee extract to give Dunkin’ fans an extra boost of caffeine in the morning, Dunkin’s new Extra Charged Coffee will be available nationwide at participating Dunkin’ restaurants in either a hot or iced coffee!

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Not that it’s not needed, but just incase you desired an extra incentive to go and get your coffee in the morning, Dunkin’ will also be offering a medium Extra Charged Coffee for just $2 from December 30th through January 26th to celebrate the new drink.

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In addition to Dunkin’s new caffeine coffee boost, the popular coffee chain will be releasing two new hot coffee blends beginning December 30th (sorry iced coffee fans), including Dunkin’ Midnight and Explorer Batch.

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Dunkin’s new Midnight hot coffee is the chain’s darkest roast ever, featuring notes of decadent cocoa while the Explorer Batch is only a medium roast but features dark berry notes with a smoky finish.

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To go hand in hand with Dunkin’s newest coffee flavors, of course Dunkin’ will be releasing new Dunkin’ donuts to dunk into your coffee!


To ring in the new year, Dunkin’ will be adding for a limited time only the “Dunkfetti Donut” which is a cake donut ring with confetti sprinkles baked in the batter and topped with a sweet glaze.

It’s like a slice of cake but in a donut formation that will be added to the menu next month.

Courtesy of Dunkin’

Keep in mind that Dunkin’ will also be bringing back their gluten-free Fudge Brownie along with two new Croissant Stuffers including Three Cheese Croissants and the Chicken and Bacon Croissant Stuffer that will be releasing sometime in January.

Courtesy of Dunkin’

A plant based veggie patty is also coming in 2021, aka the Southwest Veggie Power Sandwich that is made up of corn, tomatoes, onions, brown rice, black beans and a southwest seasoning.

Since Christmas is now another 364 days away, Valentine’s Day is coming up quick and to celebrate hearts day, Dunkin’ will be releasing two heart shaped donuts featuring a Cupid’s Choice Donut and a Brownie Batter Donut; two donuts that are perfect handouts for your crush.

The Pink Velvet Swirl is another Valentine’s Day special that will be released in February of 2021 along with Dunkin’s two returning adorably heart shaped donuts.


Last but not least, Dunkin’ will be releasing a new type of swirl to add to your coffees featuring the new Toasted Coconut Swirl that pretty much introduces itself with that immaculate name.

This new flavor is supposedly coming to Dunkin’ at the end of this month or early January.


Finally, a handful of other returns are coming back to the menu including Dunkin’s sweet Snackin’ Bacon, the Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Sammy and the Black Pepper Bacon Sandwich.

Courtesy of Dunkin’

Now I know this is a handful to swallow, but we have a lot to look forward to when it comes to Dunkin’!

Courtesy of Dunkin’

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