Dunkin Has a New Peanut Butter Cup Macchiato That Basically Tastes Like a Reese’s Candy Bar

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The classic combination of the beloved peanut butter and chocolate partnership is now made to order in a to go cup.

While you might be too old to ask for candy door to door, Dunkin’ is serving a chilled sweet treat that’s a little more age appropriate.

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Introducing the brand new iced coffee dubbed the Peanut Butter Macchiato, the festive beverage has Halloween written all over it.

Courtesy of Dunkin’

The orange and black caffeinated drink is basically a king sized Reese’s just in a small, medium, or large plastic cup with a straw!

Flavored with chocolate and peanut butter flavors paired with layers if Dunkin’s bold espresso, the new brew isn’t standing alone this Halloween.

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The familiar and not so scary spider donut is back this year; a yeast donut with orange frosting and a glazed chocolate Munchkin in the middle with spider legs and tiny eyes to complete the resemblance of the furry creature.

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Dunkin’ Donut Decorating Kits are also returning including cake donuts with orange, white, chocolate icing and, three types of sprinkles in small and large size boxes if you prefer decorating baked goods instead of a big orange fruit.

Dunkin’ has decided that a new flavored coffee and a returning decorated donut is not enough to give, which means starting today on October 13th, Dunkin’ customers can trick-or-treat from the comfort of their own home via the internet and a good wifi signal.

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Visit www.dunkindoor.com, hold up your phone, and give the doorbell a ring to open the virtual reality door with a slew of prizes behind it, even including a shot at $1,000 or a Dunkin’ eGift Card; now how’s that for trick-or-treating.

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