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This ‘Friends’ Central Perk Percolator Set Is The Perfect Way To Enjoy Coffee At Home

Well, this is fitting! You can get a Central Perk-themed Percolator Coffee Set, complete with two 24 ounce mugs.

First of all, I am OBSESSED with big mugs. There is quite a collection of mugs that are 12 or 16 ounces big in my cupboard — and that is just too tiny! PLEASE! Give me ALL the coffee.

Not only are these ceramic mugs a giant 24 ounce size, they are F-R-I-E-N-D-S themed, and I simply need them in my life and my collection. I’m betting YOU do, too!!

I know more than one FRIEND fanatic that would be totally jealous if I owned this set — which makes me want to own it even more. Ha!

Bring Central Perk into your own home! this Friends-themed electric percolator will have all your friends gathering around your big orange couch for a cup of joe. Includes two 24-ounce mugs! 


I will admit, I’ve never used a percolator, but I’m willing to make the leap to percolated coffee, just to get this fun themed coffee set.

Do you know how a percolator works?

According to FriedCoffee, for percolated coffee, you boil water on a stove in a specially designed percolator. “This involves sending streams of boiling water upwards and making it rain over coffee grounds. The coffee grounds rest on a sieve and water drains through them to fall back into the pool of boiling water again.”

This is the way that people used to make coffee before modern coffee makers existed. Grandmas, some coffee shops, and hipsters tend to make coffee this way now. Ha! It is considered more of an artistic way to make coffee.

SO, not only do you get a super cool FRIENDS coffee set, you get to be all artsy and crafty about your coffee.

You can get your own FRIENDS Percolator Coffee Set from the BoxLunch website. This whole set is only 48 bucks, and it ships for $6.

This would make the PERFECT gift for any FRIENDS fanatic — like ME!!

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Courtesy of Jennifer Schmus on Facebook