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Your Favorite Hershey’s Candy Is Now A Spoonable Dessert

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What’s your favorite Hershey candy? I have several and it is way too hard for me to pick just one because it totally depends on my mood.

The Kraft Heinz Co.

The Hershey Co. has joined up with the Kraft Heinz Co. to take some of their most popular candy treats and turn them into desserts that you eat with a spoon.

They are taking our favorite candies to the next level with this! The new dessert is called Colliders and they are refrigerated.

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The new Colliders desserts are available in 12 different varieties and in 3 different formats. There have Twisted, Chopped, and Layered!

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The Colliders Twisted comes in favorites like Reese’s, Cookies n’ Crème, Heath, and one of my all-time faves, Kit Kat! It is a creamy vanilla dessert and they top it with the candy pieces!

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The Colliders Chopped also includes Reese’s, but then they change it up to chocolate, s’mores, and mint.

This is also a creamy dessert and they have it topped with chopped pieces of our favorites!

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Next up is the Colliders Layered. This one also comes in Reese’s, but then there is also Rolo, Mounds, and York!

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Colliders Layered is a bit different. They take candy flavor and turn it into the creamy dessert and top it with a layer of chocolate!

I’m going to need them all

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Dessert lovers are looking for unique textures and interesting flavors when it comes to indulgent treats, and Colliders desserts will bring this type of exciting variety to the refrigerated aisle. Now dessert lovers nationwide can enjoy their favorite candies such as Reese’s and Kit Kat in a completely new way.

Nicole Kulwicki, general manager for desserts at Kraft Heinz
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Colliders desserts are already available in stores nationwide! You should be able to find them in the refrigerated section where they have the premade pudding.

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