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Home Depot is Selling A 6-Pack of 5-Foot Skeletons So You Can Go All Out for Halloween

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You can never have too many skeletons hanging around at Halloween!

This year you can go all out for Halloween with a 6 pack of skeletons that are 5 feet tall!

You’ll be able to set up a skeleton crew to haunt your front yard or porch with these posable skeletons.

Home Depot

They bring an evil vibe with the creepy red LED light-up eyes too!

We have a bunch of headstones that we made last year and I think these skeletons added to it this year will be just what we need to up the spook factor!

Home Depot

Each skeleton is 5 feet tall and since they are posable you can set them up in many different ways.

They are made with hand-painted injection-molded bones with a very realistic-looking aged finish.

Home Depot

With poseable hands, arms, feet, and legs, it will be easy to set up the creepiest yard on the block.

If you are planning a Halloween party, add these creepy guys to the guest list and place them throughout your home.

Home Depot

You just need three AA batteries for each skeleton to light up the red LED lights for the eyes.

I have a feeling these will sell out, so head on over to Home Depot now and buy your 6-pack of 5-foot skeletons now!

Home Depot

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