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People Are Making Homemade Mountain Dew Baja Blast and Say It Tastes Like The Real Thing

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Um, excuse me while I run to the grocery store because this drink hack is GENIUS!

Okay, so my all-time favorite Mountain Dew is Baja Blast – there is just nothing better than that taste and I’m really sad it’s only available at Taco Bell (other than occasionally when they release it in-stores).


Anyways, some genius people decided they wanted Baja Blast any dang time they please and decided to make their own Homemade Baja Blast at home.

They tried it and they claim that it tastes like the real thing. Um, I AM SOLD.

Homemade Mountain Dew Baja Blast


  • Regular Mountain Dew
  • Blue Gatorade (you can also use Blue Powerade)
  • Splash of Lemonade (some use it, others don’t)

Basically, mix equal parts of each drink into a glass and drink.

People are saying it really tastes like the real thing.

Pepsi Co.

“Is this true?” one user asked.

“That’s how we made it in the college cafeteria,” another wrote.

Now, you can totally use Powerade but since Pepsi owns Gatorade, it may make more sense to use Blue Gatorade.

I am going to give this a try and let you know what I think!

Taco Bell

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