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You Can Make A Bubbling Cauldron for Halloween. Here’s How.

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If you have the Hocus Pocus cauldron on hand and a handful of Christmas decorations, combining the two seasons make the perfect spell binding witch’s potion. 

Courtesy of Disney

Maybe Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington was on the right track when he searched for the perfect median in both the Halloween and Christmas season. 

Courtesy of Disney

Thanks to @Amy Chapman on Facebook who posted a DIY Halloween creation using Christmas decorations and Disney’s Hocus Pocus cauldron, the creation unlike the movie, is not just a bunch of “Hocus Pocus.”

Courtesy of @Amy Chapman

Starting with Disney’s Hocus Pocus cauldron or any Halloween cauldron will do, find the cardboard box in the attic labeled Christmas decorations and rummage through until you find purple battery powered string lights and clear, spherical holiday ornaments.

You can find a cauldron at Target for just $10.

Courtesy of Target

Turn the purple lights on and place them at the bottom of the cauldron, stack the clear ornaments on top until the battery powered lights are fully covered and only the light shines through.

Courtesy of @Amy Chapman

The finished look should look like a bubbling cauldron in the middle of a witch casting her spell.

Happy Halloween, mwa ha ha ha ha!

Courtesy of @Amy Chapman

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