30 Ways to Make Unicorn Poop

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There’s just something fun, silly and downright awesome about making {and eating} Unicorn Poop in any form or shape! Kids love making these recipes and just can’t stop giggling both while they’re helping frost or bake, as well as when they’re showing it off to their friends. Heck, I’m tickled to just be sharing these ideas!

30 kinds of unicorn poop

30 Ways to Eat Unicorn Poop In It’s Many Forms:

  1. My kiddo has been dying to make some Unicorn Poo-mallows. It’s next on our list of to-do’s!
  2. Classically awesome, never better Unicorn Poop Cookies that are actually quite easy to make.
  3. Throw unicorns in the mix and you’ve got yourself delicious Unicorn Cinnamon Rolls.
  4. I love these Fluff-Topped Unicorn Poop Cupcakes. I had them for the first time yesterday and YUM!
  5. For a surprise-inside treat, we’ve made these Stuffed Unicorn Horn Cookies before. They’re not poop, but still swirly, tasty goodness which is very close.
  6. And I, uh, may have told my kid these were Unicorn Droppings. That me, a mom.
  7. Unicorn Farts. Hehe, I can’t even type it without giggling.
  8. Aaaand, sometimes, for a chocolatey-er option, I like to make Unicorn Poop Brownies.
  9. OMG! Who DOESN’T want to start their day with Unicorn Poop(ancakes)?!
  10. If pancakes aren’t your thing, I’ll make you Waffles instead.
  11. There’s just something about these sparkly-poo Almond Vanilla Cupcakes that screams “moooom, the unicorn did it!”
  12. Cake Pops of unicorn poo-awesomeness might be on the list for my kid’s next b-day party.
  13. I think these Rainbow Jello Cups are so cute, I sometime send them in the kiddo’s lunch box. With “Unicorn Poo” written on the side of the cup. Hehe.
  14. Unicorn Poopcorn is delightfully easy to make and delightfully yummy to chow-down on.
  15. For a sweet and salty mix, I like to make these Poo-retzels.
  16. My kiddo really loves to help, so we make Painted Toast together and we call it Unicorn Bread.
    different kinds of unicorn poop
  17. Rainbow Layered Rice Krispie Cake is awesome for when you’re wanting to impress a room full of tweens.
  18. If a unicorn went pee, it froze and then broke, it would probably look like this Broken Glass.
  19. Jelly Oranges can be called fun unicorn-pootacular things to make kids giggle. Or you can just tell them that the oranges are unicorn-pootacular. That usually works.
  20. Rainbow Frosting Cupcakes
  21. Another breakfast treat favorite is Unicorn Poop Donuts!
  22. Unicorn Poo-Cheesecake. Just go with the flow, here, it’s awesome.
  23. Unicorn, well, you know, Water (or peepee, but that’s just weird, now).
  24. Unicorn, er, or burro pinata cookies are good, too, because unicorns need friends that make fun noises and have yummy stuff inside.
  25. You can make unicorn bacon! How cute is that?
  26. Cupcake Poppers or is that “unicorn poopers?” Mystery of the ages.
  27. I don’t like to be normal, obviously. That’s why when I make macaroons, they’re usually Rainbow Macaroons.
  28. Paleo Unicorn Poop Chews. A healthier alternative to the normal poop. Right?
  29. I’m planning on making this Unicornicus Poopicus Cake of awesome (with hidden treats) for Sunday brunch with the grandparents. LOL!
  30. This Tie-Dye Ice Cream recipe looks so refreshing I can’t wait to try it this summer.
  31. And when things get tough, the tough get Unicorn Poo-Fudge. Makes my day better every time. Only 3-ingredients which is awesome.

If you’d like to see more Unicorn Poop awesomeness for ideas on how you can incorporate this magical mayhem in your life, you can follow this awesome Unicorn Poop board on Pinterest!

Want more fun unicorn poop ideas? Check out this Unicorn Poop Dip!

unicorn poop veggie dip hidden valley ranch

I also adore these Unicorn Cinnamon Rolls!

unicorn poop cinnamon rolls

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