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This New Restaurant in Las Vegas Will Take You on a Deep Dive Under the Sea

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As if a 4-course meal wasn’t already enough food to make you stuffed on the car ride home, this new restaurant in Las Vegas has 4 times the amount of meals in one sitting.

That’s right, make room for seconds, thirds, dessert and some!

Courtesy of Lost Spirits

The “underwater” restaurant, ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ debuted by Lost Spirits, serves 16-course meals helmed by a renowned chef.

Compared to restaurants that typically seat up to several families at once depending on the size, this new restaurant has chosen to only seat 12 at a time.

Courtesy of Lost Spirits

Unlike the rest of its restaurant competition, this eating area has a surprise around every corner you turn.

Decorated with a maze of Chinese lanterns and vintage decor, the owner of this restaurant says it’s supposed to make you lost once you step foot inside. “It’s designed to make you lost,” explained Bryan Davis, owner and mastermind of the Lost Spirits Distillery.

Courtesy of Lost Spirits

Upon entering, every guest is greeted with a Lost Spirits’ signature navy run which is a military-grade drink standing at 122 proof; individuals are then welcomed by a simulated submarine that travels to an underwater themed lounge where you might just see chandeliers swaying and fish swimming around you to convince of your underwater stay.

Inspired by Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, the mouth watering meals are divided into 16 courses and broken down into four sections and similar to the story itself, the dinner idolizes a journey across land and sea with a strong emphasis on the latter. 

Dishes created by Taylor Persh, booze is used in every recipe along with creative attention to detail.

Courtesy of Lost Spirits

Excellent entertainment is also included during your dining experience.

Located in Area 51, Las Vegas, you can make a reservation online and view their sample menu too!

Courtesy of twentythousandleagues.com

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