I Am Beyond Obsessed With Netflix’s Newest Historical Romance Series And You Should Be Too

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If you are a Jane Austen fan, or even a fan of historical fiction, look no further. I have discovered the show you HAVE to watch.


I am beyond obsessed with the new series, Bridgerton. So much so, that I binge watched it in a single day and am seriously considering doing it again.


Now, for any skeptics, I will say that the first part of the first episode had me thinking it was waaaaaay too cheesy and I didn’t think I would actually enjoy it. But keep watching.


Yes, there is some cheesiness. That’s to be expected with most romance series. But the passion and intrigue trumps that by a landslide. And this is definitely a more mature and might I even say, sexy, approach for Jane Austen lovers.


I was in love by the end of the series. They did this show beautifully, and it is no surprise that it is at the top of the Netflix Top Ten charts. My only complaint is that season two isn’t already ready.


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