Pringles Released A New Roasted Turkey Flavor That Actually Tastes Like Turkey

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It’s all people seem to be talking about as we near closer and closer to Turkey day… Pringles Released A New Roasted Turkey Flavor That Actually Tastes Like Turkey!

These new limited edition chips are making their way to store shelves now just in time for your Thanksgiving feast!

The new flavor is described as:

After two years of success in the Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner Kit, Pringles insanely accurate Roasted Turkey crisps capture that fresh-out-of-the-oven, roasted turkey flavor that Thanksgiving fans crave this time of year, no basting required.

I found the new chips at my local Smith’s (Kroger) store sitting in boxes near the end of an isle. They have also been spotted at other retailers such as Target and Walmart.

In a press release, the company said:

“We said to ourselves, ‘If we’ve managed to capture perfect, fresh-out-of-the-oven Roasted Turkey flavor in a Pringles crisp, and we don’t use it to save people from their nasty-out-of-the-oven turkey fails, then who are we?'” said Gareth Maguire, Senior Director of Marketing for Pringles. “After two years of proving the power of a crisp-based feast with the Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner Kit, the time for a full-size Roasted Turkey can and Pringles Turkey Insurance has come.”

If you truly can’t find them in-store, you can order them online here.

And I’d say they managed that alright, these totally taste like turkey but just in a chip form. It’s quite strange yet delicious.

Serve these up for the holidays as an appetizer as those around you await for the real turkey to be done. You’ll truly want to GOBBLE these up. HA.

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