This Little Pug Is Overly Dramatic When He Gets His Nails Trimmed And I Can’t Stop Laughing

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You have GOT to see this cute little pug getting his nails cut. I, legit, laughed out loud, and watched the video about 20 times.

When it comes to being the mommy of a fur baby, there are a few things that make the job difficult.

That would be bath time and pedicure (cutting the fingernails) time.

My dog is having NONE of it when it comes to smelling good and looking pretty.

He’d rather hide than face the toenail trimmers!!

Dogs are notoriously difficult when it comes to cutting their nails.

We have even done articles on genius hacks for cutting your dog’s nails, so they don’t freak out when you come at them with the clippers.

lianarosali19 on TikTok

But nobody, NOBODY, has it harder than this poor woman — Kristy Ripani — on TikTok.

HAHA! She has the most dramatic dog I have ever seen — or heard.

Most doggos hate their nails cut, but this little pug takes the cake!

I mean, I am almost positive the little pup isn’t in any pain whatsoever, but you’d think he’s dying an agonizing death!

I. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

This video completely made my day! *Smile Emoji*

See the video in its entirety HERE, and turn your sound up. LOL!!

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  1. My vet grew up in a family that had a pug rescue. She taught me that it is common for pugs to panic about having their nails trimmed. One has to be very careful as they can actually have a stroke.