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You Can Get Your Kids A Robot Balloon Dog That Actually Farts and Pees

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I like to start my Christmas shopping as early as I can, and right now is that time. I have such a huge age range to shop for! This is Squeakee The Balloon Dog!

He is what he looks like, a balloon pet and he has a very inflated personality. Squeakee is an interactive toy that is made for ages 5 years to 15 years! Heck, I even know some adults that would love him!

Squeakee responds to your voice! He can sit and stand, loves to have his head pet, his belly tickled, loves training time, and like all dogs… he loves to be fed. Squeakee even farts and pees…

Squeakee comes with accessories as well! He has a pin that you can pop him with (he’ll deflate!), a pump to feed him, and a squeaker toy for training time.

He loves his squeaker toy! You use it to train him to do things like sit and beg. Yep, I’m one of those adults that would love to get this as a gift! He has over 60 sounds and movements!

You can order Squeakee The Balloon Dog on Amazon for only $59.99! You’ll need 4 AA batteries to power him up, so don’t forget to add those to your cart as well! Check out how cute and fun this is in the video below!

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