If You Ever See Massive Amounts of Foam In The Ocean, Here’s What It Means

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So, last night I was laying in bed browsing TikTok when I came across a video that made my cringe and throw up in my mouth a little…

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

So, apparently people believe that these massive amounts of foam in the ocean is actually… wait for it… whale semen.


Here’s the video I saw:

My favorite part is when he says, “It’s an Ale from A Whale Named Dale”. I am dying.

I am pretty sure he was kidding BUT there are a ton of articles out there with people convinced this is legit and it’s not.


According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, it is actually called Sea Foam and it’s a natural occurrence that has nothing to do with whale juice.


Sea foam forms when dissolved organic matter in the ocean is churned up.

Seawater contains dissolved salts, proteins, fats, dead algae, detergents and other pollutants, and a bunch of other bits and pieces of organic and artificial matter. If you shake this glass of ocean water vigorously, small bubbles will form on the surface of the liquid.

Sea foam forms in this way – but on a much grander scale – when the ocean is agitated by wind and waves. Each coastal region has differing conditions governing the formation of sea foams.


So, it’s just a natural occurrence and isn’t really too disgusting.

However, while most of this sea foam is harmless to humans, some can cause toxins that can cause eye irritation and breathing problems so be careful if you ever plan to swim in it.


But at least it’s not whale sperm right? I’ll call that a win today.


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