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This Former Starbucks Barista Shows You How To Order ‘Dirt Cheap’ Dirty Chai Lattes and I’m On My Way

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I love a good drink, but I hate what it does to my wallet… so any hack that can save me some money, you can bet I will be trying!

Recently a former Starbucks barista shared some secrets for saving money when ordering secret menu drink recipes, this one covers the Dirty Chai Latte.

The Dirty Chai Latte secret menu drink went absolutely viral on TikTok and it consists of a chai latte with a shot of espresso.

I was slow to jump into the Chai Tea thing, but recently I have been making myself some daily, and I like it.

Now I want to try the Chai Tea with the espresso because it sounds like something I would totally love.


The former barista is known as @meanychristiney on TikTok and you definitely need to go check her out.

Her way of hacking the secret menu drink can save you at least $2 on your next Dirty Chai Latte.

The way most people order the Dirty Chai Latte is by ordering a Chai Latte and then asking for shots of espresso to be added, a venti would be 3.

Each shot you add is another upcharge on top of the price of the drink you started with as the base.

Starbucks app

BUT, if you order it her way you save money!

@meanychristiney says to instead order a regular latte and then ask for them to add chai syrup to that.

Starbucks app

The chai syrup upcharge is only 60 cents which is much cheaper than extra shots of espresso.

She calls her way the “super dirt cheap” Dirty Chai, and like I said it can save you around $2 on a venti-sized drink!

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