Target Is Selling Christmas Toilet Paper That Will Make You Feel So Festive Every Time You Wipe

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If your bathroom tends to lack the Christmas spirit every holiday season, here’s your chance to spice up the powder room!

Thanks to TikToker @megan.annalise, we now know that Christmas decorated toilet paper exists, so prepare to ditch the regular brand you usually buy for a more festive look for your bathroom.

Courtesy of @megan.annalise

So forget your loyalty with Charmin Ultra Soft or Scott toilet paper and instead, favor these rolls of toilet paper specifically for the holiday season.

Dubbed their Novelty Toilet Paper, these rolls of bathroom tissue will make the washroom feeling more festive than ever before.

Courtesy of @megan.annalise

And you’ll be pleased to know there’s more than just one holiday pattern to stock up on.

Courtesy of @megan.annalise

Featuring green Christmas trees, gingerbread men, and even mittens, this festive toilet paper does the same job your original brand of toilet paper does just with a Christmas patterned twist!

Courtesy of @megan.annalise

Packaged in two, you can find the holiday Novelty Toilet Paper stocked at Target this holiday season!

Courtesy of @megan.annalise

And better yet, you can find the toilet paper rolls in the dollar spot too!

Courtesy of @megan.annalise

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