Target Has A Plant Based Vegan Queso Dip And I Have To Try It

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I have dabbled in the world of being a vegetarian. There is ONE reason, however, I could NEVER go full-out vegan — CHEESE. I love it too much.

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Costco may have just solved my cheese-obsessed problem. They have this giant — as are all things at Costco — 24 ounce tub of plant based queso dip!

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It’s made from cauliflower and almonds, and it is supposed to taste just like the real deal!

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This Queso Style Dip is less than $8 a tub, and you can use it for SO MUCH!

Of course, you can grab a bag of chips, and dig right in. If you want to the queso as more of a meal, you can add it to baked potatoes, use it to top your fajitas or tacos, or even use it to make a plant-based macaroni and cheese!

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YUM! I’d sure try it! It would be much more healthy, but still creamy and delicious!

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“Cheesy” goodness like you’ve never had before in a creamy almond-veggie dip, whipped and delicious with less fat. Cauliflower based, no artificial ingredients, 100% real food.


If you don’t want to commit to a full 24 ounces of this queso-style dip, Target also sells this “Good Foods” variety Plant-Based Queso-Style Dip in an 8 ounce tub.

You could totally try the 8 ounce tub, and once you know you LOVE it, go in to Costco for the ginormous 24 ounce package.

Target sells this smaller tub for $5. Totally worth trying! You can snag it from Target Here.

Courtesy of Target

If you LOVE the vegan lifestyle — or even if you just want to try something yummy — you should totally check out this Vegan Strawberry Shake. It’s so good!!

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