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These Starbucks Drinks Are Loaded With Vitamin C And We All Need Them

These three Starbucks drinks are a tasty way to help you get in your daily dose of Vitamin C!


With the Corona Virus running rampant we need to make sure that we are being very diligent when it comes to washing our hands and using hand sanitizer when we don’t have access to soap and water.

As a second line of defense, it is recommended to boost up your vitamin C intake.

This gives our immune systems a little help fighting off the virus if we happen to come in contact with it!

Getting in your daily dose of Vitamin C doesn’t have to mean chugging boring ole’ Orange Juice!

Whether you prefer Hot, Iced, or Cold; here are three Starbucks drinks to help you meet your daily goal for Vitamin C!

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Lyme disease and all it’s infectious friends have an incredible and confusing impact on your immune system. They have the ability to suppress your immune system as well as to over activate it and cause autoimmune issues. I have spent the last several months trying to boost my immune system and make it stronger while at the same time trying to correct some of the autoimmune responses I am having. In many ways my immune system regularly overreacts and in other ways it doesn’t react at all. When put under stress or on an airplane with lots of people, my immune system typically crashes. I was hoping all the work I have been doing to strengthen it recently would help last week during my business trip. Unfortunately, it didn’t and I had a major crash, physically and emotionally😬 I’m told this is expected on this wild roller coaster ride of Lyme and co-infections that I am on. But, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Tried this Medicine-ball from @starbucks today. Has anyone tried this? Does it help? I feel like it’s probably a sugar bomb but I was desperate for anything that could help me breathe and stop coughing! #lifewithnoimmunesystem #lymeleftmewithnoimmunesystem #workingtobuilditup #immunesystem #immunebooster #starbucksmedicineball #immunehealth #immunesupport #immuneboost #medicineball #immune #autoimmune #lymedisease #lymediseaseawareness #lyme #lymewarrior #findingthelymelight #sickofbeingsick #lymesucks

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First up is the one we all turn to when we start to get a bit sniffly, and that is the Citrus Defender AKA The Medicine Ball.

Everyone swears by this drink when they start feeling a bit under the weather, some have even claimed to feel better as they are drinking it!

Next up is just a plain ole’ Starbucks Lemonade!

Depending on what size you get, one glass can provide up to 50% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C!

Doll it up with some peach juice or perhaps throw in a splash of black tea for a caffeine boost!

Next up is the Blended Strawberry Lemonade, now this drink is one of our recipes so I suggest printing the recipe to take along!

But this frozen slushie like Strawberry Lemonade also packs a hefty dose of Vitamin C!

You may notice that these drinks all have one thing in common, and that is Lemonade! Starbucks Lemonade seriously packs some Vitamin C in!

It’s delicious and nutritious!

So head up to your local Starbucks and load up on the Vitamin C!

Oh… and WASH YER DANG HANDS people!

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