This Teacher Taught Her Preschool Class How to Wipe and It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

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Potty training is no fun. The worst part — teaching the kids to wipe their butts.

That’s right, I’ll say it. I hated teaching my kids to wipe their backsides. It was gross, it was difficult, and it was gross.

Well, God bless this teacher. She came up with a fun way to teach kids to do their business, and cleanup after themselves in a clean and efficient manner.

She didn’t assume the parents had taught the kids to wipe, she just goes ahead and teaches them all, like it’s no big deal.

Is this not the cutest video?!? Look at those balloon bottoms! Look how intently the little boys are sitting there watching their teacher wipe. I love it!!

There are so many people that say this should be taught at home. And, while I agree with this, the kids dont always ‘get it.’ It would help to have potty time reinforcement from someone other than Mommy or Daddy.

Luckily, there are some people that think like I do. We can’t always rely on the kids to learn everything the parents try to teach.

This teacher is a hero in my book! Can she come teach my 8 year old how to clean himself, because obviously he isn’t listening completely to me?

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  1. The cutest thing ever alright! and a big help for the children and for the parents as well. Thanks for sharing.

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