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TikTok’s ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’ Is Putting Kids In The ER. Here’s What Parents Need to Know.

If you have a child old enough to be on TikTok you should be aware of the dangers lurking.

The newest danger is TikTok’s ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’ which is so dangerous, kids are being put into the ER. Here’s What Parents Need to Know.

TikTok’s ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’ has become popular among kids. It involves three kids—two who are in on the prank, and an unsuspecting third participant.

All three stand in a straight line and are told to jump in the air (by the person doing the filming, or someone else). However, the person in the middle, who doesn’t know what’s about to happen, is the only one who actually jumps.

The other two kids kick inward to knock the middle person off their feet—and, most likely, onto their head.

That is where the ‘Skull Breaker’ part comes into play because it’s dangerous and causes kids to hit their head, likely resulting in serious injury and even a concussion.

Now, before you think this isn’t actually happening, it is.

In fact, one mom decided to share what happened to her son on Facebook last week. Sharing that her son had no idea what was happening and ended up with serious injuries landing him in the Emergency Room.

You can read that below.

Another teen, 13-year-old Kathleen DeJesus became an unknowing participant in the “skull breaker challenge,” this week and became temporarily paralyzed from it.

Authorities are asking that parents be aware of these viral challenges going around and talk with their kids about how wrong these trends are to participate in. It’s not worth hurting someone.

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