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Here’s How To Make The Viral Homemade Dunkaroo Dip and It Only Takes Three Ingredients 

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Do we really need an excuse to make Dunkaroo’s iconic sweet dipping side dish? 

Courtesy of @dunkaroos

Thanks to Facebook user @Chelsea Llerena who shared the recipe on Facebook, we all now know the secret ingredients that go into making the very sweet dip! 

Courtesy of @Chelsea Llerena

Start by grabbing one entire box of confetti cake mix and dump into a large bowl. 

Snag an entire container of cool whip from the fridge, pour over onto the cake mix and stir together; use a hand mixer if you prefer.

Two vanilla flavored pudding cup is the flavor you’re looking for and mix in the same large bowl. 

After all three ingredients are mixed well, it’s time to grab the graham crackers from the pantry and dig in!

Add whipped cream for an extra creamy taste or generously sprinkle holiday jimmies to make this dish festive at the dinner table come Christmastime.

Consider adding a dollop of Dunkaroo’s cake frosting on top because you just can’t go wrong.

Courtesy of @dunkaroos

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