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Walmart Is Releasing Foodie Advent Calendars And I Need Them All

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I am so ready for this, I can feel it in my soul.

Walmart is coming out with foodie advent calendars, and I say SO LONG 2020 — bring on the food!

On November 1st, Walmart is bringing out THREE advent calendars: a cheese calendar (yum), a wine calendar (YES!), and a chocolate calendar (OMG!!).

The boxes are for pairing, so each day of food and wine will pair perfectly with each other. The cheese and chocolate will both bring out the flavors in the wine, and I wish there were a calendar for the 48 days of Christmas. Ha!

Y’all, not only do you get a nice bite of chocolate and cheese, the wine is the size of TWO servings! That, I can really go for, especially after a long day of Christmas shopping.

You can buy all three calendars for less than $100 — and after my foray into advent calendars last year, I can tell you this is a GREAT deal!

You can totally buy these advent calendars separately (like, maybe you don’t drink wine, or maybe you think chocolate is gross — j/k that isn’t a thing!). They are priced individually.

Tasty 12 Days of Wine – $69.98
Tasty 12 Days of Cheese – $9.98
Tasty 12 Days of Chocolate – $9.98

Markie-Devo on Instagram

Or you can choose to get them as a set for just under $100, which will save you just a bit of money.


The new Tasty Holiday Calendars bring 12 days of wine, cheese and chocolate pairings to life with wines like SRSLY Sauv Blanc, Oh So Rose and Beyond Red Blend. Discover unique cheese pairings including mozzarella cheddar and jalapeño pepper and chocolate pairings including a pink ruby cocoa strawberry ganache heart and a dark chocolate ganache tree. Best of all, each can of wine is the equivalent of two glasses of wine – we’ll cheers to that!

Walmart, courtesy of Markie-Devo

My stomach just audibly growled. That sounds so amazing!

Bring on the holidays! I am more than ready.

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