Aldi Wine and Cheese Advent Calendars Are Back

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Aldi knows the way to my holiday-loving heart!

Not only do they have WINE Advent Calendars, but they have — wait for it — CHEESE Advent Calendars. HELLO!! Wine and Cheese? There’s my perfect night right there!

I totally went by my closest Aldi, and tried to bribe someone to sell me a box of each today.

Sadly, they have some good employees who said NO. After a good little chuckle at my expense, they told me the calendars will be out on November 6th.

Via Aldi

The Aldi employee did tell me that each wine Advent Calendar will have 24 wines from around the world.

Each bottle will contain 187-ml of wine — perfect for my wine glass that’s already sitting on my counter.

There will be Merlots, Pinot Grigos, Prosecos, a White Zinfandel, and so many more. For a complete list of what’s included, you can go here.

I will be waiting at the front door of Aldi for them to open on November 6th! There is a limit of two per person, and they are going to FLY off the shelves.

You KNOW this will be in my cart, too! They are bringing back their mini CHEESE Advent Calendar. I LOVE me some cheese, and I missed it last year! That is NOT going to happen this year.

Via Aldi

The cheeses will also be from around the world, and I have my Triscuits and Ritz crackers ready now!

Or, you know, I may just eat them plain — because that’s what I do.

Some locations will also have a Beer Advent Calendar, so maybe I can pick one up for the hubs — because you know I WON’T be sharing my wine.

Via Aldi

While you are at Aldi shopping for Advent Calendars, check out these AWESOME Turkey Ravioli that come out the same day! It’s like a Thanksgiving feast in a bite-sized pillow of pasta.

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