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Aldi Has Turkey Cranberry Ravioli Just In Time For Thanksgiving

I just can’t get enough of Aldi! They always have the BEST finds! From zero-carb bread, to Unicorn Pancake Mix, to freaking CHOCOLATE STUFFED WAFFLES, to Harry Potter, I can find a ton of awesome things on their isles!

Now they’ve taken an entire turkey meal, and stuffed it inside a ravioli! How good does this sound?!? According to the package, it is “a traditional blend of slow roasted turkey, with cranberries, stuffing, and fine cheeses.”

“Thanksgiving in a bite,” is what they are calling it, and they aren’t joking. This sounds unbelieveably good!

They recommend topping this with a sauce made of gravy, but I think it would be so good if you made a cranberry sauce to pour over the top!

All you need to complete this meal would be a side of veggies — Roasted Honey Brussels Sprouts would be so good — and a giant slice of pumpkin pie!

They brought these out last year, and they were a HIT!

Via Reddit

They are bringing them bach THIS YEAR for a limited time, so you have to get to your local Aldi quickly!

A PR Rep confirmed that these will be available starting November 6th, and they will run about $2.99 for a 9 ounce package. Do I even need to tell you what a good deal this is?

While you are there, make sure you grab what you need to make the sauce, whether you are using gravy, or cranberries, or — and I don’t know why you would, but — pasta sauce.

You might want to stock up on the ravioli, and throw some in your freezer. I’m going to do that, and maybe they will make an appearance as a savory side dish on Thanksgiving!


Wednesday 30th of October 2019

That sounds like it would be delish with an alfredo sauce. I love Thanksgiving and that just puts me in the mood even more.