Aldi Is Selling Unicorn Pancake Mix For The Most Magical Breakfast Ever

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Aldi has done it again. The store known for its great prices and fresh, organic produce has come out with something that’s sure to be a winner.

Unicorn Confetti With Marshmallows Pancake Mix is a thing, and it now graces the isles of this popular grocery chain. Let me say that again. Unicorn Confetti With Marshmallows Pancake Mix.

Filled with ooey-gooey marshmallowy goodness and bursts of bright sprinkles, this mix is more like a dessert than a breakfast. We don’t care. Splurge away on this rainbow of yumminess.

Like Aldi’s popular Cherry-Filled Belgian Waffles or its Mug Delights Mixes, this decadent pancake mix is sure to fly off the shelves. It boasts “lots and lots of epic sprinkles, magical and gooey marshmallows.”

With its bright pink packaging and fun, rainbow unicorn featured front and center on the box, the mix will be hard to miss. Tweens everywhere will be rushing down the grocery isle.

Looking for more unicorn yumminess? Try this Rainbow Unicorn Cake, this Magical Unicorn Bark, or these Unicorn Poop Cupcakes.

Not into unicorns? There is also a Galaxy Blueberry With Marshmallows Pancake Mix . Its bright blue, alien spacecraft box states it has “lots and lots of cosmic sprinkles, magical and gooey marshmallows.” There is no way you aren’t drooling just thinking about it.

Slow, standing ovation clap for Aldi. You have definitely come out with a delicious winner!

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