VSCO Girls Are Basically Tired Moms And I Love It

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Every teenager I know right now is dressing in an oversized wrinkled T-Shirt that they got for free, a messy bun, and whatever shoes are the most comfortable and they’re calling it a VSCO girl.

They basically took our “tired mom” aesthetic that I’ve been rocking, well since like ’05 when I had my daughter and turned it into something trendy.

And for that, I give them nothing but accolades.

What Is A Vsco girl? Well, we tell you all about that here.

Don’t believe me? Here, let me break it down for you.

Our daughters are dressing like we did in the nineties and calling it a VSCO Girl.

Why are VSCO Girls Dressing Like Tired Moms?

Moms need to drink a lot of water. Sure, it’s usually because they’re breast feeding and if they don’t stay hydrated they will basically dry up into a pruny pit of itchiness.

But VSCO girls made it cool with the Hydroflask.

What’s a Hydroflask you ask? Why it’s just an overpriced water bottle that is covered in stickers.

And if your kid is anything like mine, then you have a few things covered in stickers in your house. I remember once I actually made a rule that if my kid put one more sticker on my car windows I was going to ban stickers in my house for life.

Look, I know that’s drastic, but have you ever tried to get a sticker off a car window?

Yeah, it’s SUPER FUN.

And let’s talk about their wardrobe a little bit. These girls BROUGHT CROCS BACK INTO STYLE.

I don’t know if you’ve ever put on a croc, but they’re basically like walking on a pillow. And they are the ultimate in tired mom footwear. You can literally wash them in the dishwasher for crying out loud.

And who needs a shoe you can get clean in the dishwasher?

Tired moms who don’t have time for things like dirty shoes. That’s who.

Oh and these oversized T-shirts they’re wearing. We like to call it the “I haven’t done laundry in over a month, and I found this T-shirt from last year’s chili cook off hanging in the back of my husband’s closet and who cares if it doesn’t fit me.”

VSCO Girls though? They’re calling these shirts aesthetic.

I don’t think they’re necessarily using that word right, but who am I to make a big deal out of that, all I have to say is, “THANK YOU VSCO GIRLS.”

And the messy bun. I don’t know how to describe the messy bun other than to say that is the most glorious hairdo known to man. It is one part, “I don’t care” and all the other parts, “I threw this hair up on top of my head because I haven’t washed it in three days and I am pretty sure it got dipped in cereal milk this morning.”

But VSCO girls have made it a whole lewk. They have dedicated entire tutorials to the perfect “VSCO bun” and you know what? We are here for it.

Sure, I don’t need a tutorial to put my hair in a plop on my head, but I will watch one, by golly!

So, from all the tired mothers out there, to all the VSCO girls. Thank you, thank you for showing the world what we’ve known all along. That we, the tired mothers of the world have style, class, and are the trendsetters of today.

sksk 🙂

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