The Witcher Is Officially The Most Watched Series In The World

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Toss a coin to your Witcher…

If you are not currently watching The Witcher, on Netflix, you might be the only one. It has officially passed The Mandalorian as the most watched on-demand show/series in the WORLD.

We previously told you how FREAKING AWESOME this show is. It totally has that Game of Thrones vibe, but it is its own brand of amazing cinematic television!

The Witcher stars Superman — er, Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. He is a mutant (Witcher) warrier, and he is a total badass.

I’m going to admit, I had to watch the show with the captions on, because the dialogue goes too fast for me. It is set in medieval-type times, and there are warrior queens, magic, an enchanted forest, swordplay — and a LOT of blood (not for kids).

It started as a popular book, turned video game, and now its a ginormous Netflix hit.

It already has close to 127 MILLION views, which beats out The Mandalorian and Netflix’s other hit show — you know, that little thing called STRANGER THINGS.

Everyone who cancelled their Disney+ subscription once The Mandalorian ended, will want to head on over to Netflix to check this wildly popular show out!

As with most shows, you have to just get through the first episode, and then you will be hooked.

Courtesy of Netflix

You don’t even have to wait for new episodes to drop. You can just spend a day or two binge watching the whole thing now. Trust me, you will want to. I couldn’t stop once I hit episode 3!

Check out the trailer for The Witcher, below.

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