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The New Episode of ‘Tiger King’ Just Dropped On Netflix And It Did Not Disappoint

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Y’all! The EIGHTH Episode of Tiger King just dropped on Netflix, and don’t care how low-tech it was — I still loved it.

This forty minute installment of our favorite tiger-themed obsession was hosted by Joel McHale, who, of course, you know from his stent hosting The Soup and appearing in Community. He is crazy funny!


Joel started out the show, donning his earbuds, sitting on a couch, and obviously coming to us on the low budget side of production.


As you’re all aware, we’re currently in the midst of a global pandemic: Tiger King fever! Like you, I’ve devoured all seven episodes, and I’m still craving more. So, I called up Netflix and insisted on hosting a glitzy follow-up special with the highest possible production quality.

Joel McHale, Courtesy of Netflix

He then welcomed the cast of Tiger King, via webcams. No, Joe Exotic was not there.


We did get to follow up with Erik Cowie, the head zookeeper at the G.W. Zoo; Lauren and Jeff Lowe, who currently own the newest version of the zoo; John Reinke, the head manager in charge of the G.W. Zoo; Kelci Saffery, the zookeeper who lost her arm; Joshua Dial, Joe’s ex-campaign manager, and the dude who witnessed Travis’ accidental suicide; and, of course, John Finlay, Joe’s shirtless ex-husband, who is known for his teeth.

Courtesy of Netflix

While the show was very informative and interesting, lets face it, there was really only one thing on everyone’s mind. DAMN, John!! Looking good.

Courtesy of Netflix

When I’m looking at you, there’s something different looking about you… you’re wearing a shirt. I’m kidding; your teeth look amazing.

Joel McHale, Courtesy of Netflix

John is completely unrecognizable, with his long facial hair, shirt, lack of earrings, and TEETH!


There were, of course, other highlights in this eighth Tiger King episode, titled Tiger King And I.

We learned that, while some of the cast thought the show was excellent, not EVERYONE agrees.

Courtesy of Netflix

John Finlay thought the creators of the show made him look like a “drugged out hillbilly.”

He wanted to make it clear that he is clean and sober now, and was at the time of the interview.


Jeff Lowe feels he was portrayed as a villain. I have to agree. I don’t like the guy.


But, there is ONE thing that most everybody agrees on — Joe Exotic belongs in jail.

You can catch the eight episode of Tiger King on Netflix NOW.

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