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Starbucks Secret Menu

We are obsessed with Starbucks. But what we can’t stop talking about is the Starbucks Secret Menu.

What Is The Starbucks Secret Menu?

It’s the Starbucks hidden menu you only know about if you’re “in the know,” and it’s full of all sorts of tasty coffee and secret Frappuccino drinks that are the most delicious.

the Starbucks secret menu is packed with flavorful, creative drinks you haven't even thought of yet

I like to think the Starbucks Secret Menu’s deliciousness is directly related to how secret they are.

How Do You Order From The Starbucks Secret Menu?

Well, there’s a trick to that. You have to know what you’re ordering. Most of the time, the barista will ask you to show them the recipe. So, if you see something you like, take a screenshot or bookmark it on your phone.

If you order from the Starbucks secret menu, you better have the recipe ready to help your barista make your drink

What is the best drink from the Starbucks Secret Menu?

A few of our favorite Starbucks secret menu drinks are the Jack Skellington Frappuccino, the Elf on The Shelf kid friendly Starbucks drink, the Cinderella latte, and the keto-friendly Pink drink.

What are Starbucks drink sizes?

Here’s a handy-dandy chart for those of us that can’t keep the Starbucks sizes straight. (And by those of us, I mean me. This is here for me.)

The thing about the Starbucks secret menu is that you might have to help your baristas make the drinks by giving them the recipes.

From iced drinks to hot drinks, the starbucks secret menu has something for everyone

Does every Starbucks have a secret menu?

The answer is yes and no. You see, these drinks have been created by Starbucks employees, special Starbucks events, and even avid die-hard Starbucks fans, so do your Starbucks barista a favor and have the secret menu recipe at hand when you walk in to get your drink!

Iced teas and lemonades are popular starbucks secret menu items

Oh, and if you’re a Starbucks Barista yourself, go the extra mile and impress your customers by having all of these recipes right on your phone already! They will love you so much more if you do!