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You Can Get A Dark Shadows Frappuccino At Starbucks

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Totally The Bomb Squad member, Tina Louise invented the Starbucks Secret Menu drink, The Dark Shadow Frappuccino, and it is the drink I didn’t know I needed until now!

Dark shadow was a Gothic Soap Opera in the 1960s and 1970s.

Tim Burton made it into a film in 2012. In typical Tim Burton style, it is considered a dark horror/fantasy/comedy.

Also, as Tim Burton does, it stars Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter — with more characters thrown in for fun.

The drink follows the color scheme of the movie, with white, red, and black prevelent in the presentation. DOESN’T IT LOOK JUST LIKE THE FILM?!?

This Frappuccino is a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino base. It is made with sweet vanilla cream. YUM!

Before the Barista pours the drink into the cup, have them drizzle the inside of the cup with chocolate and strawberry puree.

Top the Frappuccino with Whipped Cream, and then drizzle chocolate and strawberry puree on the top.

Here’s how to order the Dark Shadow Frappuccino:

This won’t be on the actual menu, as it is a Secret Drink. You’ll need to tell the Barista the ingredients.

  • Vanilla Bean Frappucino
  • Drizzle Strawberry Puree and Chocolate in the cup
  • Top with Whipped Cream and More Drizzle

Some have speculated that this might taste like Neopolitan Ice Cream. I think it will taste exactly like a Chocolate Covered Strawberry fell in a bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream!

I am going to have to drive the 40 minutes to my closest Starbucks, and get one today! It will be worth it!

Want to try some other Secret Menu Starbucks drinks? If you love Pumpkin Spice and Espresso, try the Jack Skellington Frappuccino.

If you are in the mood for Mint and Chocolate Chip, try the Frankenstein Frappuccino!

Are you wanting more of a Strawberry Milkshake flavor? Check out this VSCO Girl Frappuccino.

Whatever you get, enjoy it! It is going to be delicious!

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