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You Can Get A Mountain Dew Soda Dispenser That Keeps Your Soda From Going Flat and It’s Basically The Best Ever

Move over flat soda, nobody likes you!

You guys, this little gadget is PURE GENIUS. I mean, who ever created this little thingamabobber is a damn genius!

So, this is a Mountain Dew Soda Dispenser that attaches to the top of your 2-Liter Soda and keeps it from going flat. Um, yes, best stocking stuffer/gift ever!

According to the product description, it is developed using NASA technology and the Mountain Dew Soda Dispenser is one of the best for preserving fizz and dispensing soft drinks.

It says you just screw on, shake and dispense and that it keeps soda fresh and fizzy for weeks!

Seriously, I need this in my life. My soda is always going flat before we can finish it and it’s such a waste. So, this is going to be a total game changer!

You can get this Soda Dispenser for $13 on the Wayfair website here.

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