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You Can Get An 8 ft. Inflatable Television That Plays ‘A Christmas Story’ In Your Yard For The Holidays

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One of my most favorite traditions every Christmas season is to watch ‘A Christmas Story’ with my family. We normally do this on Christmas Eve and it’s always a fun time for everyone.


I was shocked to hear just how many of my friends have never watched this Christmas classic before! I feel like it’s my civic duty to make sure everyone has a chance to watch it.

Home Depot

Well, with this 8 ft inflatable from Home Depot, I can totally make sure my entire neighborhood can watch ‘A Christmas Story’! It looks like a giant old school television set, complete with rabbit ear antenna!

Home Depot

The Living Projection Airblown Inflatable and LightShow projector set is the perfect yard decoration and will definitely be a showstopper! It plays 5 scenes from ‘A Christmas Story’ with 4 transition scenes.

It also includes external ports so that you can play your own videos. Everything that you need is included for easy setup and it can be used both indoor or outdoor.

59ona64 – Customer Review

Fun! This Christmas inflatable is really unique and really fun! All the rest of the inflatables just blow up, but this one has a projector preloaded with clips from A Christmas Story that can loop over and over again, bringing my yard display to life! We tested this in our living room, and it really was almost plug and play. 

59ona64 – Customer Review
59ona64 – Customer Review

You can buy this amazing 8 ft. Inflatable Television That Plays ‘A Christmas Story’ from Home Depot for only $249! I love that you can play other videos on it as well!

Home Depot

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  1. Neighbors have one… it’s so blurred you can barely see any movement at all on the screen

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