People Are Saying If Your Food Tastes Like Cardboard, You May Have COVID

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By now, we have all heard that the coronavirus is linked to the loss of taste.

But, there are some reports that there IS a taste to food that goes along with the coronavirus, and it isn’t a great taste.

People are saying that all their food tastes and smells like cardboard or paper. Gross, right?

Not only that, people are saying they have lost this of sense and taste and smell (or this paper taste lasts) for upwards of three months.

Y’all. I can’t even imagine. Taste and smell are things we totally take for granted, and they really are some of the most enjoyable senses that we have.

Who doesn’t like to go out with friends to a restaurant, and have a tasty meal that smells AMAZING. Can you even imagine not being able to experience the basic senses of taste and smell for months?

Proteus Duxbury, a healthcare technology officer in Colorado, spoke with Kaiser Health News (KHN) about his own experience of losing his sense of taste. After experiencing mild, cold-like symptoms in early March, Duxbury noticed that his meal had no flavor or aroma. “I didn’t have cough, headache, fever or shortness of breath,” he explained, “but everything tasted like cardboard.”

Yahoo Life

“The first thing I did every morning was put my head in the coffee jar and take a real deep breath. Nothing.” Six months after his recovery from coronavirus, Duxbury shares that his sense of smell and taste have returned, but are “slightly dulled.”

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There are so many awful symptoms that go along with the coronavirus, but y’all, this loss of taste and smell might be the most disheartening. You can recover from a lot, but THREE MONTHS of not being able to taste of smell just seems cruel.

Have you had this phenomenon happen to you? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on the matter!

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