You Can Get Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts That Have Ugly Christmas Sweater Sayings On Them

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Anyone else have kids who are obsessed with pop-tarts? I kids absolutely LOVE them. So I am always looking for new, fun ones to have for our house!

I just stumbled upon a new flavor, thanks to @snackgator on Instagram, that I cannot wait to get both for my kiddos and myself!


Pop-Tarts has a sugar cookie flavor out! And if that wasn’t exciting enough, this new flavor comes with ugly sweater sayings on them that are so SO adorable!


I can already tell you that this is going to be a great item for any Christmas party. Ugly sweaters are always in every Christmas season, so add that idea to a food item and SOLD.


This isn’t the first year the Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts have come out, but it is the first time for this design! The previous years weren’t quite as exciting…at least I think so.


Ok, they were still cute. Just not AS cute. So if you find these new Pop-Tarts, let me know where you find them so I can stock up! They are just too amazing to pass up on this year!


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