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This Menstruation Crustacean Heating Pad Is The Cutest Way to Soothe Cramps

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I hate my period, I legit hate it… I am ready to be done with that part of my life.

Every single month it’s back, sometimes I am blessed with twice a month visits, and oh boy isn’t that just pleasant…

One thing that is always a constant is the cramps, and for me, one of the biggest helpers to deal with cramps is a heating pad.


The Menstruation Crustacean is a cute and cuddly 14″ lobster plush that has a removable lavender-scented heating pad.

I’m thinking about ordering one for each of my daughters to help them deal with that time of the month.


He can sit on their bed with the rest of the stuffed animals they have on display.

I love that there are no cords, that’s one thing that I hate about the heating pad I already have, getting tangled in cords is such a pain when you’re trying to rest.


It doesn’t use batteries either, so no need to worry about your battery dying right when you need your Menstruation Crustacean the most.


All that you have to do is remove the heating pad insert and microwave it for one minute, place it back into the lobster body and place it where you need the relief.


He’s a pretty good size measuring 14 inches and is appropriate for ages 12 years and up.

Not only do you get the heat to help, but you can also help yourself to relax with the lavender scent!


The heating insert does contain wheat, so if you have an allergy you’ll want to avoid using this product.


My cycle can be quite rough as well as the ungodly cramping. I’ve tried heating packs in the past, but I hate the hassle of plugging it in, and it always seems to be too hot for my liking. I came across this cuddly menstruation crustacean and I had to have it. Lo and behold, I started my cycle the same day he arrived. I couldn’t wait to bust him out and he did not disappoint. You can heat up the internal bag to your liking and it smells like fresh lavender. He also holds heat for a long while. I’ve named mine Larry the Lobster (SpongeBob fans will get it). My two small sons have tried to steal him multiple times already. Thank I regret nothing and I have already bought one for my daughter and my sister. This would make a fantastic gift and I intend to gift to give it in the future. 10/10 would recommend. If you have a vagina, buy this lobster…buy it even if you don’t. Who doesn’t like a warm cuddly buddy.

Samantha Pierce – Amazon customer review

You can purchase your own Menstruation Crustacean from Amazon!


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