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The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Performance Gave Me Total Michael Jackson Vibes

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Did you see it? Did you watch The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Performance? I was feelin’ it for sure.

I won’t lie, his performance, gave me total Michael Jackson vibes. Anyone else?

First off, I like The Weeknd but I’ve never just sought out his songs, like I’ve heard them on the radio and that’s about it.

So, to hear him sing and hold that note tonight – like DAMN. Where has he been all my life?!

From his style, his dance moves and singing, I couldn’t help but think that it all had a total Michael Jackson vibe and I loved every minute of it.

Apparently, others felt the same because it is all over Twitter right now…


Seriously, The Weekend came with weekend and KILLED IT. It was so good!

The video isn’t up just yet because I want to rewatch it so I really hope you didn’t miss it!

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