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Stanley Teases a New Item That Straps To Your Favorite Tumbler and I Need It

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Stanley once again has broken the internet.

After a viral video most recently surfaced on TikTok, fans of the tumbler company are on the edge of their seats to find out what Stanley’s next release is all about.

In a new teaser video, Stanley most recently posted a TikTok video that showed a new item that’s coming to their tumbler line.

Although this new release isn’t a tumbler.

Courtesy of Amazon

What looks like a pouch or a holder, this new item looks like something that straps onto your tumbler to make your Quencher even more easy to bring with you while running errands.

Plus, it even looks like this new pouch, or whatever it may be, has a shoulder strap at the top so you can carry your tumbler like a purse!

Courtesy of @stanleybrand

But the best part about this new item is the convenient pocket that Stanley teases in their eight second video.

That’s right, your 40-ounce Stanley will not only be able to hold your favorite liquids, but will now also be able to carry around your phone!

Courtesy of @stanleybrand

Now how cool is that?

Courtesy of @stanleybrand

Other than the new phone pocket, Stanley hasn’t released any other details regarding this new “pouch”.

So our suggestion for now is to keep your eyes peeled on Stanley’s TikTok in hopes that they post another video with more details soon!

Courtesy of @stanleybrand

To view the new teaser video, you can watch Stanley’s video, here.

Courtesy of @stanleybrand

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