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Here’s How You Can Get a $3 Grande Drink at Starbucks Right Now

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It’s the beginning of a new week, so you might be feeling the Monday blues.

We get it, the weekends go by way too fast.

So if you’re finding yourself a little blue on this Monday afternoon, Starbucks has just the cure to make it feel like a Friday instead!

Thanks to the coffee giant, Starbucks has sent out a new offer on the app that will make you run, and not walk to the nearest Starbucks.

In the offers section in their app, Starbucks Rewards Members might find a coupon that allows them to get a discounted grande beverage of their choice!

And the best part about this deal is that there’s no purchase necessary, which is just one more reason to run to the coffee chain during your lunch break.

Now as of right now, it’s unclear whether or not Starbucks has sent out the coupon to every Starbucks’ Rewards Member or to only a limited amount of people; but hey, it doesn’t hurt to check your email or the app!

The offer, which is valid starting today until March 3rd, allows coffee enthusiasts to grab a grande beverage of their choice for just three bucks!

Courtesy of Starbucks

Talk about a great way to start off the week am I right?

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